International recruitment

Recruitment in an international environment is a very complex but increasingly sought-after competence. Here it is not just a matter of finding suitable personnel for the positions to be filled, but it is also important to assist the client with advice and experience from the target country and to support them with hints, suggestions or contacts.

From the thorough search and selection of suitable and competent specialists and managers to individual remuneration consulting and personnel integration, we provide you with comprehensive advice in the field of personnel management.

  1. Recruitment - professional, personal, high-profile
    How to get the best employees on board abroad?

Are you looking for experienced managers and specialists abroad who are not only professionally convincing but also fit in with the corporate culture?

Our intercultural competence coupled with a thorough identification and selection of suitable candidates ensures that we find the most suitable people for you and your company, both professionally and mentally. We accompany you from the needs assessment to the hiring of the suitable candidate and beyond. It is important for us to get to know your company, your company philosophy and your concerns in personal interviews. Only this guarantees the ultimate success of the international search.

  1. Remuneration consulting - competent and transparent
    Your guide for the design of cross-national remuneration management

You would like to find out in advance of the recruitment process what salary package is customary and competitive for the position offered in the target market? You would like to know whether your current managers are paid in line with the market?

Our customised analyses help you to better assess these factors in the international environment and to implement them according to your needs.

Investing in an employee with the right skills and mentality is a significant cost factor, but also a decisive success factor for a company. However, especially in an international context, decision-makers often lack the know-how regarding the usual remuneration, including possible bonus systems and additional benefits.

  1. Leadership integration
    How to ensure leadership quality across countries and languages?

You would like to successfully integrate the newly acquired specialist or manager into your organisation and bind them to your company in the long term?

With tried and tested models and close communication, we ensure, especially in international searches, that the new employee gets the best possible start in the company and that his or her motivation and commitment to the organisation remain at a high level in the long term.

We help you avoid unwanted staff turnover and thus ensure the sustainable success of your company abroad.

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