Leadership through appreciation

Companies cannot do without leadership. It is well known that employees' willingness to perform increases when they experience recognition and appreciation, but this is not a matter of course.

The damage caused annually in Germany by unmotivated employees is estimated at over 100 billion euros. A large proportion of this is due to a lack of appreciative leadership. Conversely, it can be assumed that an appreciative corporate culture not only increases employee motivation, but also the diversity of ideas and commitment, while sick days and staff turnover are reduced.

A better external image is also created when employees are in a working environment in which they feel comfortable. There is therefore a clear, positive correlation between appreciative leadership and the company's success.

We teach "appreciative leadership" in seminars and in-house workshops with managers.

In these seminars:

  • you will receive valuable impulses for your daily work.
  • identify suggestions for improvement.
  • learn the basics of appreciative leadership and communication.
  • create your individual action plan.

The seminar leader, Andreas Otterbach, has dealt intensively with the topic of "appreciative leadership" in theory and practice over the past few years.

He is the author of the book "Leading through appreciation", which uses numerous examples of hidden champions (smaller global market leaders) to show how employees have contributed to outstanding corporate success through appropriate, appreciative leadership.

Not only global market leaders benefit from this knowledge, but also small and medium-sized companies. Would you like to be part of it?

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