Pre-employment screening

Integrity check of applicants

Advantages for the company and its employees

  • Protection against applicants who have already made deliberately untrue statements about themselves during the application phase.
  • Protection against applicants who are unsuitable for positions of trust.
  • Protection against infiltration by organised crime groups or radical / extremist / terrorist associations / groups or intelligence services into key functions of the company.
  • Protection against possible reputational damage for the company.
  • Demonstrate a sense of responsibility towards customers, business partners and employees.

Arguments for professional pre-employment screening

  • Before signing, lawyers from both sides rightly check the employment contract intensively and charge a corresponding fee for this. However, the focus is only on legal and formal aspects and not on the question with whom the contract is concluded! Even a perfect employment contract is of little use if the person with whom it is concluded lacks integrity.
  • The damage to a company's reputation caused by negative media coverage in print media, TV, radio or social media due to misconduct by employees can quickly cause high financial losses for the company. Loss of sales and the termination of business relationships due to compliance regulations of business partners as well as the effort to restore reputation quickly add up. Checking an applicant's integrity can prevent unpleasant surprises. In many cases, the investigation of such incidents reveals that the person responsible has already behaved improperly in the past.
  • The damage caused by the leakage of information from the company by a disloyal/criminal employee can be enormous, not only in the area of research & development or the technology sector, but in all areas of sensitive company data. In addition to the financial damage due to lost sales/profits etc., the reputational damage is often the more serious consequence. Under certain circumstances, the behaviour of employees may also result in criminal consequences for those responsible for the company. Here, too, checking an applicant's integrity can prevent unpleasant surprises. Both indications of intensive contacts to competitors or even to secret services as well as the possible blackmailability due to personal weaknesses can be detected through professional pre-employment screening.
  • The liability risk for managers in connection with the hiring of employees must not be underestimated under any circumstances. Within the framework of conscientious business management, company managers (both those directly responsible, such as the head of human resources, as well as bodies such as boards of directors and supervisory boards) must avoid damage to the company or prevent it from occurring. This duty is fulfilled through professional pre-employment screening. Often, when investigating incidents, it is discovered that the employee responsible has engaged in similar behaviour before or perhaps even had a previous employment relationship terminated because of the same misconduct. In these cases, it is natural to conclude that the damage to and for the company could have been avoided if a review had been conducted prior to hiring. Then the hiring would not have happened in the first place. From this logical consideration, realistic liability and damage compensation scenarios can be derived - with corresponding risk also into the private sphere of the respective responsible persons.

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