High expectations are placed on newly appointed managers. On the one hand, they should quickly gain a foothold in their new environment and become effective, but on the other hand, they often have the task of providing new impetus and changing the management area.

The achievement of challenging corporate goals depends on the successful integration of these managers; increased sales, EBIT growth and technical innovations are just a few examples.

There is a conflict in this situation that harbors risks. On the one hand, the manager should fit in with the company and its culture, but on the other hand, they should have an impact on changing this very culture. A dilemma that can lead to an early separation. That is expensive:

  • Lost design time
  • Vacancy of the position
  • Irritation of employees
  • Damage to the reputation of those involved in the selection process
  • Lack of the hoped-for effect
  • Direct and indirect costs of recruiting
  • Strengthening the forces of inertia

It is also an aggravating experience for the manager himself not to be able to grow into an organization and to be "rejected". This also affects the image of your company in the market.

To ensure the integration of new managers, we accompany this process in cooperation with the manager and your company:

  • We help managers to get the "old" company out of their heads and mentally open up to your company.
  • We support your new manager in becoming aware of his or her own weaknesses and strengths and in making a comparison with the requirements of the new role.
  • We act as a sparring partner for you and your manager in working out the respective expectations, evaluations and the dialog required for follow-up.
  • We prepare the manager for special situations so that the presentation is a success.
  • We help to analyze cultural requirements and support the development of change concepts.
  • We use these measures to ensure stable and rapid integration, thereby helping to ensure a high level of effectiveness in terms of the company's objectives.

This approach has a project character and is tailored to your company as well as to the new manager and the challenges of the respective situation.

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