Stefan Rau-Bredow


As a lawyer and specialist lawyer for labour law Stefan Rau-Bredow is your contact person for legal issues in our team.

After having studied law specialising in the fields of labour law, which he passed with distinction, Stefan Rau-Bredow worked for three years in a regional leading general chancellery.

Then he changed to a chancellery in Munich which is specialised in civil and commercial law. Since 2000 he advised smaller and medium-sized enterprises as well as wealthy individuals and represented them both out of court and judicially.

In addition to his specialisation in labour law he focuses mainly on real estates. These include real estate property rights, administrative law, private building law as well as private and commercial tenancy law and residential property law.

His broad range of experiance includes not only the vertasile difficult legal aspects but also the tactical correct approach to complex disputes.

In his work he pays particular attention on care, liability and effectiveness. Finally, you want to write not history of law, but enterprise history.

Phone: +49 (0) 89 41 41 97 66


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7. Februar 2021

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