Supply Chain Management

According to some recent studies there are still large improvement potentials in the area of Supply Chain Management. The mere fact that holistic supply chain improvements really need to be considered from a cross functional perspective leads in practice to significant challenges, within the own organisation as well as with suppliers and customers. In addition it was put in evidence that only a small number of companies possess an integrated Supply Chain Organisation with cross-functional responsibilities.

Moreover, many companies are reporting a lack of qualified senior staff for supply chain management (planning and operations) and logistics. Requirements on supply chains are increasing constantly, caused by increasing customer expectations, globalisation and volatility – both on demand side as well as supply side (economical crisis, climate). It poses a real challenge for the top management to identify these deficits and act upon them.

We offer an unique experience, competency and network in supply chain management to consult and support your company. This starts with the concrete search for suitable management resources. The earlier you plan the requirements for such specialised resources, the earlier we can start helping you filling those vacancies.

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