Digital & Online Business

Online Marketing has become one of the dominant topics in the digital world and in the e-commerce. Whether manufacturer, distributors or providers, authorities or associations – all companies face the question how they can reach, inspire, motivate or bind their target group and how they can measure the efficiency of their actions.

The variety of topics ranges from the usability of the website over display advertising, SEM/SEA/SEO and affiliate marketing up to content marketing, e-mail marketing and social media marketing. Terms such as conversion rate, pay per click, touchpoints, retargeting or webtracking have become into the linguistic usage of marketing, which is innately rich in anglicism.

In the wake of these developments new job profiles with varying requirements arised. Today, marketing does not only mean the ability to understand customers and to get in contact with them in the correct way. It also requests the understanding of technology and IT, an affinity for numbers and controlling know-how, a deeper understanding of different distribution channels and analytically indepth creativity to detect new ways to the end consumer.

Our consultants have years of experience in marketing and e-commerce. Benefit from this expertise and our expertise in filling positions such as Head of E-Commerce and Senior Online Marketing Manager.

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